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Welcome to my webbsite!

I live in Genarp in southern Sweden.

Art has always been a great interest in my life.  For a long time I followed two tracks in the artistic process: one in painting and another in photography. For the past ten years, I have combined the two tracks into my personal take on mixed media technique.  It is mainly collage in combination with painting. My artworks are made up of multiple layers where for example color blocks,  and different structure building materials are mixed with paintings, texts, photos, or drawings. Some parts of the image surface are diffuse and others are more clear. A silhouette can work as focal point.

 I often focus on a subject or theme. I am interested in exploring opposites and contrasts where I seek the tension between for example light and dark, motion and tranquility, tangible and abstract. I also like to search for tension between patterns och structures in the artwork surface.

I find inspiration everywhere. Mainly in nature, music and in interactions with people.

In my garage gallery I show my own art and also invite other regional artists to showcase their artworks.

Please contact me if you want to know more or if you have any questions!

Monika Blomqvist

Art exhibition at Maria Thorlund gallery in Lund



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2019 - Easter exhibition- Galleri G, Genarp, Sweden

2018 - Autumn exhibition - Galleri G, Genarp, Sweden

2018 - Summer exhibition - Galleri G, Genarp, Sweden

2018 - "Romele Konsthall", Dörröd, Sweden

2018 - "Konstrundan"- Galleri G, Genarp, Sweden

2017 - "Lunds Stadshall" with LundaCraft, Lund, Sweden

2017 - "Höstsalongen" in Fogdaröd, Höör, Sweden

2017 - "Kulturnatten" in Lund, Sweden 

2016 - "Lunds Stadshall" with LundaCraft, Lund, Sweden

2016 - "Konstkväll i Lund" with LundaCraft, Lund, Sweden

2016 - "Maria Thorlunds galleri", Lund, Sweden

2014 - Galleri Olson, Malmö, Sweden

2009 - 2014  "Medborgarhuset" in  Genarp, Sweden

2002 - Besam Landskrona, Sweden

2001 - Anoto, Ideon Lund, Sweden

2000 - 2003  "Lunds stadshall", Lund, Sweden

2000 - "S:t Staffansgården"  Staffanstorp", Sweden 

2000 - "The mobile gallery", Möllevångsvägen in Lund, Sweden

1993 - Art & photo exhibition in studio Marie Andrén, Monbijougatan in Malmö, Sweden


2009 & 2010 - Course in painting with artist Inga Björstedt

2003 & 2004 - Course in painting, "Huseby bruk" in Småland, Sweden​

2002 - 2003 - "Skånska Målarskolan", Art school,  teacher Ulf Stålhane and Gunnar Frieberg, Malmö, Sweden

1995 - 1999 -Teachers education, "Malmö högskola" and university of Lund, Sweden

1993 - 1994 - Photographer trainee and model work with  photographer Marie Andrén, Malmö, Sweden

1993 - Computer aided design (4p) LTH, Lund, Sweden

1992 -  Art science (20p) Lund university, Sweden

1992 - 1993 - Graphic design & illustration, RMI-Berghs, Stockholm, Sweden

1992 - Croquis drawing with artist Åke Arenhill

1991 - Natural science & art class, secondary school, "Katedralskolan", Lund, Sweden

1987 -1997  - Model work and phothographer trainee: Storm i London, Sweden models i Malmö, Ewa i Paris, Ford i New York