Art comments

Picture of the month Art K, Mars 2014:

"A picture you are pulled into and you walk up the staircase in a lovely spectrum of colors..!!  /Erik Lindkvist

"Nice artwork with many levels. Good choice! /Sanna M

Exhibitions 2014 - 2017:

"Artwork stand out being innovative and inspires the imagination. Interesting in color and shape.." /Inga Genarp

"I discover several dimensions. Picture feels double exposed. I slip into various rooms and times" /Maria T

"In spite of many different materials and techniques in one art piece it holds together!" /LD


Art published on the internet (for example instagram, "svenska konstnärer" - facebook) 2014 -2017:

"With your mixed media technique you make painting och photo work together!". /GL

"Suggestive art with different levels.

Poetic and personal expression!/" MA

What a condensed feeling and atmosphere ....Lots of presence in artwork that raises!"

/Steve Ragland

" ...wonderful with layering painting and collage. Nice symphony of colors and composition".

/Ulla Lidman

"Your motives are there, the mystics that surround you och the colors ...! /Jenny Ask